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 Welcome to the Tristan Jones Web Site        www.tristanjones.org

Thank you for making this the #1 Tristan Jones web site on planet Earth!  Google, Yahoo or any other search engine will take you here!

This web site is dedicated to Tristan Jones.  A legendary sailor, author and adventurer.  See Meet Tristan.

I have tried to compile first-hand accounts from people who knew Tristan Jones and shed some light on the man behind the wonderful sea stories.  If you've met Tristan, please contact me with your story and become a contributor.

This site was last updated on 12/10/2010

This sequence is of the late Tristan Jones. It is part of a longer documentary on Sailing

Follow the remarkable adventures of Scott and Pam as they try to become the first legally blind sailors to circumnavigate the globe at BlindSailing.com 

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Chip Croft, Executive Producer at SEA~TV Productions is developing a major television biography on Tristan Jones!
He is asking Tristan Jones fans to help.
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Tristan Jones: The Psychology of Adventure

A NEW Tristan Jones video is out (that's right, it's new!)
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Imagine old TJ on a DVD,
he'd love it.

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The Incredible Tristan Jones

This DVD is a new 2005 revised edition
that now has never-before-seen
photos and footage of Tristan Jones!

Chip Croft has added a lot of extras
to this new edition.

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Steve Rosse, one of our contributing sources has a new book out

Phuket Vignettes
Short Stories from a Big Island

Steve is donating a quarter of the profits to tsunami relief.

Books by another TristanJones.org contributor Harold Stephens

At Home in Asia:
Expatriates in Southeast Asia and Their Stories

He has a chapter about Tristan.
More Here

The Last Voyage: The Story of Schooner
Third Sea

Harold tells what an inspiration TJ was to him. He also got a great deal of advice from old TJ in building his schooner.

More Here

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Read some interesting posts about old Tristan from
rec.boats that were posted in the mid 90's.

Anthony Dalton's biography of Tristan Jones.
This is a must read for every Tristan Jones fan.
Find out more here!

Read some Tristan Jones letters and other documents which have been contributed to this site.  If you have any other documents that you can contribute, please forward them to me so they can be included.

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easy steps to becoming a Tristan Jones fan.  Do yourself a favor and discover how. A Tristan Jones addiction is a good thing.  Find out how here!

A photo of a house Tristan rented in Rawai Thailand as supplied by Philip Miles.

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Many of the places Tristan explored can be easily followed by viewing a map of that area. 

We had the honor to visit aboard Sea Dart in August 2001.  We especially would like to thank Dave Crettol of Idaho State Parks and Recreation for his help and assistance so we could explore and photograph the boat.
Read about our experience aboard here

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The Tristan Jones Web Site

A legendary sailor, author and adventurer.  This site is dedicated to
furthering a better understanding of this extraordinary man and his works.

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