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 Some Other Reading That Might Interest You.
The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution of The United States of America
The Bill of Rights  and   Other Amendments
The Gettysburg Address

Here Our Some Of Our Recommended Reads!

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My Personal Historic/Economic/Philosophical Recommended Reads!

As you can probably tell from my favorite books below, I'm somewhat a student of American history and a devout Capitalist.  I find of particular interest the period when our nation changed forever after the Civil War or more correctly, the War of Succession.

Some Personal Stuff
Some books from one of my favorite author - Tristan Jones.

I love to read and study politics, history and economics... But I also love a great man against the sea story.  As such, one of my favorite authors is Tristan Jones.
To learn more about this unique individual, visit one of my other websites, the Internet's universally recognized foremost informational website about this man at TristanJones.Org!
Information about other sites is Here.

Some of his books are available below!