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The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution of The United States of America
The Bill of Rights  and   Other Amendments
The Gettysburg Address

"May the Swartz be with you "

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Ronald Reagan Audio Archives
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Short Audio Segments

Ronald Reagan Humor Montage
I'm Not Frightened
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!
Reduction of Missiles with the USSR
Work Together as a Team
You Can Run, But You Can't Hide
School Prayer
The Constitution & School Prayer
There He Goes Again
Go Ahead, Make My Day
President Kennedy
The Rights of Unborn Children
The Principles of Communism

Is America Better Off?

Environmental Extremism
The Democrats
Federal Grants
President's Age
Arms Reduction with the USSR
Becoming President
Billy Graham
Cuban Joke
The Elderly
Federal Publications
George Bush
High School Courses
Jeane Kirkpatrick
Attack of Libyan Planes
Man of the Year Award
Mark Twain
Marxist Socialism Just Rhetoric
New Beginning for America
Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
The Statue of Liberty
Tax cut Proposal
Largest Tax Cut in History
The White House
Welfare Reform
Women as Presidents
The National Democratic Leadership
Pres. Reagan Remembered As?
"I Gave the Gov. Back to the People"
"America is Back"

Speeches and other longer format audio

Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast in Dallas, Texas - August 23, 1984
On America's role in the Middle East
"A Time for Choosing" Oct. 27, 1964 a speech for Barry Goldwater.
40th Anniversary of D-day Speech
First Inaugural Address Jan. 20, 1981
Tear Down This Wall
Second Inaugural Address Jan. 21, 1985
Farewell Address Jan. 11, 1989
Reagen Humor Montage